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Your Best Links Now

One this blog-site we hope to not only post articles that would be helpful to you but we also hope to point out articles from other blog-sites that you’d find helpful. So here’s our first installment of ‘Your Best Links Now”


3 Truths about Spiritual Gifts: 

“Tragically—and ironically—one of the casualties of the modern charismatic movement is a biblical understanding of what spiritual gifts actually are. By emphasizing only a handful of gifts (the sign gifts) many Christians have lost sight of the less glamorous yet more common spiritual gifts” Read more click here

6 Great Reasons to Study Doctrine: 

“…the study of doctrine cannot be the pursuit of dry facts, but facts that lead to living knowledge of God and growing love for God.” read more click here. 

The Holy Spirit Never Convicts Christians:

“In Christianese, the word is used anytime somebody feels guilty about something and wants to explain that the Holy Spirit was the source of their guilt (for example, “I felt convicted about speaking in anger”).  But in Scripture, “conviction” is a legal term – not a word used to describe a feeling.” read more click here

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